Geometries of Time

Cathy Haynes Geometries of Time I

Cathy Haynes Geometries of Time II B

Geometries of Time III_Cathy_Haynes_2013

Cathy Haynes Geometries of Time IV (immeasurable:knot)



This drawing study is an attempt to sum up the major ways of picturing time over the course of human history, step by step. In some ways it apes the efforts of 17th-century luminaries to make vastly complex and shifting ideas and events fit into a set of simplified ideal forms

Geometries of Time


Materials & dimensions
* 4 framed drawings (graphite on paper, card passepartout, acrylic frame)
* 30 × 30 × 3 cm

Each drawing on paper is card-mounted by an abstract version of itself. The knot is set within a tridecagon or thirteen-sided polygon.

Exhibition history
* before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared, with Fay Nicolson, Kentaro Yamada, Andrea Zucchini and The School of the Event Horizon, Tenderpixel, London (2014)
* Tenderpixel at Art Rotterdam, with Erika Hock, Fay Nicolson and Ilona Sagar (2015)

Images (from top)
* 4 × digital version of Geometries of Time by Cathy Haynes, 2014
* Geometries of Time by Cathy Haynes, 2014 (photo by Original&theCopy; courtesy of the artist and Tenderpixel ©2014)