Selected texts

* Stereochron.org, the blog (above) by the Campaign Secretary for Stereochron Island’s bid to be recognised as a State Without Clocks (created as artist in residence in Victoria Park for Chisenhale Gallery, 2014)

* A Report on Progress, the mini-publication of thought-pieces and drawings made as Timekeeper in residence at UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology (2013)

* On Certainty, the leader piece for BBC Radio 4’s Human Zoo episode on ‘Ambiguity’ (9 April 2013)

* The ideal habitat of the Mole, a short essay for architect Will Alsop’s Testbed newspaper (2010)

* Implicasphere, the experimental serial mini-publication co-edited with Sally O’Reilly. It was distributed inside Cabinet magazine (2000-09)

Image: a snapshot of the home page at Stereochron.org