A Lunar Calendar




Before clocks, the Moon’s phases and the lunar tides were among our most important timegivers.

For a while now I’ve been going out into the street with a camera when the Moon is out in its different phases: the Gibbous Moon, the Hunter’s Moon and the New Moon With the Old Moon In Its Arms.

In July 2015, for example, we walked all night along the Thames under a Blue Moon to try to read the sky-clock. It felt right to roam with no particular goal in mind, at a pace far older than clocks.

These photos are the start of a kind of personal lunar calendar. The process of making them is my way of getting more attuned to other kinds of timegivers than the standard clock.

Images (from top, left to right)
* Moon and Jupiter, 21Feb15
* Moon & Meridian, 7Mar15
* New Moon with the Old Moon in its Arms, 21Feb15
* Hunter’s Moon, Electric Moon, 7Dec14