Timekeeper interview

Priestley's history map


For a fifteen-minute rollercoaster ride around the kind of objects explored by my Timekeeper project at UCL Petrie Museum, have a listen to this interview with the Timekeeper on Monocle 24 radio’s Weekly programme. I appear about 33mins into episode 189 (17Feb13), here.

During the interview I talk about a series of maps of history from the mid-18th century whose popularity transformed how we visualise time, giving us a historically new sense that humanity is progressing (rather than degenerating since Adam). This is one of them, above. It was made by Joseph Priestley, the radical reformer and chemist.

I learned about the influence of Priestley’s map from the glorious Cartographies of Time by Anthony Grafton and Daniel Rosenberg.

Image: Joseph Priestley, A New Chart of History, 1769. [via]